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Dave Franco gets "Catblock"-ed in Latest "Funny or Die" Clip

Dave Franco, younger brother of James Franco, has a new video up at Funny or Die, where his cat keeps trying to stop Jamie-Lynn Sigler from making her moves on him. (Maybe, it’s the cats payback for getting spayed.) Anyway, there’s a bit of skin from James, which I capped.

See more pictures in my Dave Franco gallery.

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Leonardo DiCaprio: Gallery Update for "Inception" Star

My Leonardo DiCaprio gallery was a little sparse, so I added some pics from the archive of the “Inception” star. Personally, I prefer him now more filled out and beefy than how he looked during his twinky “Titanic” days. Click the “Rolling Stone” pic below to check out the Leonardo DiCaprio gallery.

David Henrie Turns 21, Shows Off Gorgeous Bod!

Just Jared has some great pics of Disney muscle stud David Henrie showing off his ripped physique in Vegas celebrating his 21st birthday. Now, let’s all get in line to give him his birthday spanking.

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Happy 4th of July!

For all the Americans out there, happy fourth of July (which is also my birthday Eve).  Have a good time!  

More Luke/Reid Smoochies in "As the World Turns"

I love me some Luke/Reid, and I’m sad that this storyline and this series will end in a few months. But I will definitely enjoy it while it lasts.

See more pictures in my Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis galleries.

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Have a Good Memorial Day Weekend!

I hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend! Going to spend some time with family and going to do some chilling. I’ve also been marathoning some “Being Human” and “Skins”, so I should have some nice picspams from those series coming up.

New Gallery: Tom Hanks

New gallery up… this time of one Tom Hanks who in his younger days totally had the whole hot boy next door thing going on.

I’m Done With Soaps

Kish is being let go for being too fucking gay or whatever from “One Life to Live”. When you finally get cancelled, I’m going to laugh my ass off. This coming from a soap where one of their male leads is a rapist; that’s just fine, but “mainstream” people can’t handle the gays. First “As the World Turns” censors Luke and Noah so bad they might as well have physically castrated them and now this. Good fucking god. And right before the big GLAAD awards, too.

Here’s an Internet contact form, and Kishmet has more contact emails/phone numbers. It’s also a good place to vent.

I honestly think I’m just going to dump all the soaps from my DVR, since they are either dying or should die.

Edited to remove the cut. Fuck being spoiled; y’all need to know.