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Misha Collins Shirtless in Supernatural Ep 9×03

While I do appreciate all the Misha Collins shirtlessness now that Castiel is human, if there is one person he should be boning it’s Dean. Just saying.

See more pictures in my Misha Collins gallery.

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Misha Collins Shirtless in Supernatural Season 9 Premiere

Woo hoo! Finally a decent Castiel shirtless scene on “Supernatural”! Sure took them long enough!

See more pictures in my Misha Collins gallery.

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Things Back on Track…

It looks like things are back in order after the server went boom, and rather than get all bitchy about the timelag to fix it, I’d take Misha Collins lead and not cry over spilled milk…

Misha Collins Making Jared Padalecki His Bitch

I love all the pics that come from the “Supernatural” cons with all the pretty pictures of the Winchester hunks, and the latest ones seemed particularly epic with the addition of one handsome Misha Collins this year.

In the latest Aussie con, Jared was definitely being the hyperactive, ADD puppy that he is, and when he tried to get Misha to sign a t-shirt for auction, well, Misha made Jared his bitch…

Speaking of embracing the gay in the “Supernatural” fandom, Misha also asked Jared and Jensen what it’s like playing brothers, because they are in fact lovers in real life. Which was hilarious and all in good fun and not real of course. I mean it’s not like Jared and Jensen live together… Oh, wait…

Source: Bobbinrob.

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Bradley Cooper Gets Shirtless, Misha Collins Shows His Self Pleasuring Technique in Latest Nip/Tuck

Yeah, I know. The show has completely jumped the shark, and nobody is remotely likable.

But they still do have some decent skin shots now and then, although not of the naked variety of the latest guest stars like I’d hoped.

Here are a few shirtless shots of Bradley Cooper in bed:

But this! Now, I would have killed to see “Supernatural’s” Misha Collins buck naked, but DAMN, I cannot believe that he’s so flexible. These will definitely make great fodder for some great bottom! Castiel fics with Dean.

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"Supernatural" Misha Collins Shirtless in "24", "ER"

Well, I need something to do that’s not talk, talk, talking about my feelings, so here are some caps of Misha Collins, who plays Castiel in “Supernatural”, from his days on “24″ and “ER”. Misha’s a great actor and a great addition to the “Supernatural” cast, unlike some of the others *cough* Jo, Bella, nuRuby *cough*, and he’s certainly easy on the eyes, too. I wish I could get some of the “ER” caps in better quality, though. Any other recs of caps of him; let me know.

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