Deleted Nagron Sex Scene from Spartacus: War of the Damned

Spartacus: War of the Damned is over, but there’s a little more of our favorite gay warrior couple Nagron. The DVD set had an alternative take of their big sex scene, and I made a few caps.

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Josh Hopkins Shirtless in Cougar Town Ep 4×15 & The Client List Ep 2×07

Josh Hopkins had a little shirtless bit on the “Cougar Town” season four finale (which was renewed for another season, yay!), as well as appearing on “The Client List” asking for a little more than the ususal rub down. Love him; he’s so gorgeous!

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Beau Mirchoff Shirtless in Awkward Ep 3×02

Beau is so cute, but making him shave his chest is just a crime against nature!

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Sam Witwer Shirtless in Being Human Ep 3×13

Still had this on the DVR, so here are some caps of Sam Witwer from the “Being Human” season finale.

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Matthew Rhys in a Towel in The Americans Ep 1×10

Still had this on my DVR that I wanted to make some caps of Matthew Rhys’ towel scene.

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Joshua Bowman Shirtless in Revenge Ep 2×19

Here’s a few caps of the furry hottie.

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Chris Messina Shirtless and Speedo-clad in The Mindy Project Ep 1×22

Never really watched “The Mindy Project” but caught site of Chris Messina in a speedo and had to make some caps. Is it any good?

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Dylan Bruce Shirtless in Orphan Black Ep 1×05

While I appreciate the shirtlessness, I hope Dylan Bruce has another nude scene. Because that fine of an ass should be shown as often as possible.

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