Eric Mabius Shirtless in "Ugly Betty" Ep 4×15


Here’s some shirtless shots of Eric Mabius from last night’s “Ugly Betty”, looking much better clean shaven. Although I do wonder where the show is going with just a few episodes left, especially with Justin and the whole straight crush thing. With Adam Lambert and the whole Kish debacle, I have absolutely no faith left in ABC to get this right, so we’ll see. (Yep, still haven’t moved past the bitter stage.)

See more pictures in my Eric Mabius gallery.

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I’m Done With Soaps


Kish is being let go for being too fucking gay or whatever from “One Life to Live”. When you finally get cancelled, I’m going to laugh my ass off. This coming from a soap where one of their male leads is a rapist; that’s just fine, but “mainstream” people can’t handle the gays. First “As the World Turns” censors Luke and Noah so bad they might as well have physically castrated them and now this. Good fucking god. And right before the big GLAAD awards, too.

Here’s an Internet contact form, and Kishmet has more contact emails/phone numbers. It’s also a good place to vent.

I honestly think I’m just going to dump all the soaps from my DVR, since they are either dying or should die.

Edited to remove the cut. Fuck being spoiled; y’all need to know.