Alexander Skarsgård Finally Naked in "True Blood"

Wow! That was a great episode, and not just because we finally get a nude scene from Alexander Skarsgård. But Eric (and Godric) were definitely the highlights from beginning, middle, and most especially the end!

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Shirtless Soap Hunks: P.S. Some Wet Eric Martsolf

Woops, I almost forgot to post the hot pics of Eric Martsolf all wet after a moonlight swim on the 8/14 ep of “Days of Our Lives”, looking ever much like a juicy slab of beefcake. Yummy!

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Shirtless Soap Hunks: Still Exploiting Brandon Beemer

Here again is another batch of shirtless soap hunks, with a big surprise being lots of skin on “All My Children”, since they haven’t shown very much in a LONG time, with relative newbie Adam Mayfield doing a little skinny dipping and Cameron Mathison showing off his great pecs for Erica Kane. Brandon Barash also showed off his hunky bod on “General Hospital”, and David Fumero showed off a little bit on “One Life to Live”. (And I am totally floving Kish; they’ll be on three times next week with their storyline ramping up even more!)

Last, but again so very far from least, is Brandon Beemer getting exploited yet again on “The Bold and the Beatiful”. He models on the big fashion runway contest shirtless, of course, with a big “Indulge” sign painted on his chest and his cougar leashing him around. Best of all was the fact that he was the only one without a shirt in the whole crowd! God, I wonder how Brandon feels about these scenes?!?

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Bear Grylls Naked Again in "Man vs. Wild" Season Premiere

Hottie British adventurer was nude again in the season premiere of “Man vs. Wild”, because he has to get naked… for educational purposes. Yeah, educational purposes! That’s it! Now, turn around Bear, so I can do some more studying… mmm… yeah…


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Alexander Skarsgård, Kellan Lutz, et al in "Generation Kill"

Still on my Alexander Skarsgård kick, and here are some caps from “Generation Kill”, an absolutely phenomenal miniseries. It also starred “Twilight” hunk Kellan Lutz, as well as some other hot, muscle studs.

WARNING: Some caps aren’t worksafe.

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Alexander Skarsgård Naked in "Om Sara"

Here’s some more great nude shots from the film “Om Sara” via Skarsgård Channel. Jesus, I just want to slather him with chocolate and lick him all over!

Tomorrow, I’ll try and get some caps of him in “Generation Kill”.

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Alexander Skarsgård Naked in "Hundtricket"

Well, I need some naked Alexander Skarsgård in my life, and since “True Blood” won’t give it to me, I had to look elsewhere. First up, I got some caps of the sexiest vampire onscreen nowadays lathering up in a shower. It’s a bit of a tease, but damn, is it sexy!!!

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True Blood: Shirtless Mechad Detracts from that Sucking Sound

Shirtless Mehcad Brooks again was the only thing bearable about the whole Maryann plotline in tonight’s ep, but everything else was excellent! Jim Parrack also showed a little skin and was adorable in doing so. Anyway, thoughts behind the cut.

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