Jared Padalecki Shirtless: An Addendum

Y’know this pic of what I thought was a scene for next week? The bright, clear shot of smoking hot Jared Padalecki. Looking likely it’s a DELETED SCENE. That’s right. Because with the ratings taking a hit so far this season, I would totally minimize the sexy awesomeness of their ridiculously gorgeous stars. Genius move. That’s right up there with casting Genevieve Cortese as Ruby.

This show…

Anyway, here’s a clip, since it was requested.

Hunks of "Grey’s Anatomy" Get Shirtless in the Season Premiere

Didn’t watch, but still DVR’d since I saw some skin in the promos…

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Ian Somerhalder Shirtless (FINALLY) in "Vampire Diaries" Ep 1×03

Okay, these CW promo shots are weird. The scene that got cut that they promo’d with shirtless Ian for last week was actually in this week’s ep. (They did something similar with shirtless Jared Padalecki for “Supernatural” in their promos tonight.)

Dear CW, I don’t appreciate your bait and switches when it comes to the shirtless hunkage… it’s not nice…

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Jared Padalecki Shirtless in "Supernatural" Ep 5×03

Well, it must be the Apocalypse (snicker), because Jared Padalecki has a half-way decent shirtless scene in tonight’s “Supernatural”. And I think from a promo I saw, he’s shirtless in the next ep, too (the CW is weird with promos). Now, if they could get Jared, Jensen, and Misha all shirtless together in decent lighting, that would be heaven on earth!

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Matt Dallas & Paul Gross Shirtless in "Eastwick" Premiere

Cute show. Kinda like “Charmed” meets “Desperate Housewives”. Loved seeing Matt Dallas again as the boy toy (certainly a theme on ABC tonight). Paul Gross was awesome as Darryl Van Horne.

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"Cougar Town" is hilarious and sexy!

This show is HILARIOUS; Courtney Cox is just a riot in this. And if they keep the cougar baits as hot and shirtless as the guy in the pilot, I’ll definitely be happy with that, too.

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Colin Egglesfield Shirtless in "Melrose Place" Ep 1×03

I like this show. I especially am super excited about this casting spoiler. Here’s a bit of Colin Egglesfield skin from tonight’s episode.

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Chris O’Donnell Shirtless in "NCIS: Los Angeles" Premiere

Here’s a few caps of Chris O’Donnell shirtless in the latest NCIS franchise.

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