"Vampire Diaries" Star Zach Roerig Shirtless


Next up of the supporting hunks from “Vampire Diaries” is Zach Roerig, who plays Elena’s former boyfriend Matt Donovan. He used to be Casey from “As the World Turns”, which is where most of the shirtless pics come from. He used to be called “pepperoni nipples”, as you can see from some of these pics. Tasty, right?

See more pictures in my Zach Roerig gallery.

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"Vampire Diaries" Star Michael Trevino Shirtless


My new favorite show this season is “Vampire Diaries”, and while I’ve posted loads of pics of Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley (as well as the lone shirtless pic of Steven R. McQueen), my gallery is lacking on the other supporting hunks from the series. So, let’s get started with bad boy Tyler Lockwood, played by Michael Trevino, who by all indication is going to have some supernatural development in the future. The kind that hopefully will leave him scantily clad after the night of a full moon…

See more pictures in my Michael Trevino gallery.

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Jason Ritter in "The Education of Charlie Banks (NSFW)


Jason Ritter, whose currently doing a stint on NBC’s “Parenthood”, was in a very good film “The Education of Charlie Banks” directed by Fred Durst (yes, THAT Fred Durst). Anyway, he stripped all the way down in a hot tub in one scene of the film, so I thought I’d make some caps of it.

WARNING: Some caps aren’t worksafe.

See more pictures in my Jason Ritter gallery.

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Antonio Sabato Jr. Shirtless in "Princess of Mars"


Oh, wow. I was scrounging around Netflix again to see if there were any capping opportunities, and I found this one film with Antonio Sabato Jr. where the cover had him shirtless in a loin cloth. Obviously, I had to get it, and it was so worth it! While the effects/writing/everything else was terrible, watching him parade around shirtless in a loin cloth fighting monsters and even getting chained up for awhile pushed all my buttons! I’m hoping for a sequel!

See more pictures in my Antonio Sabato Jr. gallery.

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Multiple Gallery Updates


xyzpdq gave me a very generous and insane amount of pics to upload to my gallery, and I worked on adding more pics today, since I played hookie from work and wanted to get closer to the 40K mark (only about 800 more pics to go!) Anyway, here are some highlights of waht I uploaded:

Bradley Cooper Gallery:

Chris Evans Gallery:

Eric Balfour Gallery:

Ian Somerhalder Gallery:

Jake Gyllenhaal Gallery:

Jason Biggs Gallery:

Johnathon Schaech Gallery:

Mark Wahlberg Gallery:

Steve Sandvoss Gallery:

Victor Webster Gallery:

Preview of Craig Parker Nude Scene in Tonight’s "Spartacus"


I know I’ve been slacking on the “Spartacus” posts (Varro’s death really traumatized me), but I have some pics off of the Netflix feed of tonight’s “Spartacus”, where Craig Parker comes back to the show and shows off his AMAZING body. There’s a LOT of twists and turns plotwise, and things look like they are going to be epic for next week’s season finale appropriately titled “Kill Em All”.

See more pictures in my Craig Parker gallery.

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