Joe Manganiello Naked in True Blood Finally + Rest of the Hot Men (NSFW)


Naked Alcide!!! Joe Manganiello meaty butt!!! Besides the heroines finally getting to kick a little ass, that was definitely the best part of tonight’s ep!

WARNING: Some caps aren’t worksafe.

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Charlie McDermott Shirtless in "The Middle"


Because I’m not a big fan of Patricia Heaton, I’ve never sat down and watched her new ABC series “The Middle”. However, around some of the other gay sites, I’ve seen that the twink son played by barely legal Charlie McDermott does spend a lotof his time parading around in his boxers episode after episode. So, I decided to get some eps and do a little capping.

Because there are SO many pictures of him, I’ve just added a link to his gallery. Click the boxer picture below to head over. He’s cute!