Justin Theroux & Chris Zylka in The Leftovers Series Premiere


Well, “The Leftovers” premiered today, and it was very bleak and rambly. There was some skin scenes of Justin Theroux (looking very ripped) and Chris Zylka (who had a nice “frontal-ish” skinny dipping sequence), so I guess I have to continue to DVR it. I hope we get some nudity from “The Carrie Diaries” Jake Robinson and the “Teen Wolf’s” Carver Twins this season at least.

See more pictures in my Justin Theroux and Chris Zylka galleries.

12 thoughts on “Justin Theroux & Chris Zylka in The Leftovers Series Premiere

  1. James

    Justin is so hot! And he also had one quick butt naked scene when he remembers what he was doing the day when the disappearing happened at his town!

  2. theotherlee

    I believe there is a scene, a few years back, from Six Feet Under where he’s nude walking across a yard.. he was “swingin’!”

  3. TheDevilMadeMyDickHard

    I love the hilarious digital bubbles they added to cover Chris Zylka’s dinky-wink. You want to have a skinny-dipping scene, you want your actor to take off their clothes and jump into a pool nude but you definitely don’t want to show the actor’s “filthy genitals” because god knows, that would be pushing it TOO FAR! Puritans and their fear of the human body and all it’s devilish bodily functions is so adorable.

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