10 thoughts on “Russell Tovey Naked in Looking Season 1 Finale

  1. cutler

    SWEET RUSSELL TOVEY ASS! :) For season 2: really hoping that they’ll start writing the 3 main characters as likeable people and can work the love triangle well because I love Richie and Kevin both!

  2. Lio

    Kevin fer’ sure…the chemistry, the tension, it’s all there. Plus, I’m annoyed with Richie, reacting to things way over the top. No, Patrick is certainly not perfect, but c’mon dude, bring it down a notch.

  3. C

    I am Team Richie! They are so meant for each other. I think Kevin is a user. He got what he wanted, without having to give up anything. Looks like Patrick got over his Bottom Shame, but with the wrong guy.

  4. Jeremy

    I am shocked at how many viewers are saying “Choose Kevin…he’s hotter…he’s sexier…”. To me the chemistry is more on Kevin’s end than Patrick’s. Kevin practically pressured him into it at the office. Funny thing, I initially thought Kevin would be better early on, but Richie is far more himself, authentic, and truth telling. He communicates. That final scene between Pat and Richie was so heartbreaking and real. Patrick is missing out on a really great guy with Richie, but we have all been there. We chose a more complicated route sometimes and that choice isn’t right or wrong either. We expand and grow in the journey. The Kevin road is going to be bumpy… The “other guy” PLUS his boss = BAD NEWS. I love this show. The emotional dynamics are brilliant and it should be an hour. In many ways the show felt like it was just getting started by EP 8.

  5. Jeremy

    P.s. As I read back what I wrote about Richie communicating I realize that discredits Kevin’s attempt to communicate about what happened at the wedding so I realize my slight error in portraying Kevin as non-communicative. Patrick is the one who usually tries to avoid communication in these scenes. I just feel more authenticity from Richie.

  6. Dgrin

    As much as i’m head over heels with anything Russel Tovey does i’m still neutral about this, Kevin seems a bit boxed and bored and like he wants something on the side to entertain himself, during sex it felt awkward and like he used Patrick who was unsure about the whole thing. i’m sure i would be dying to get wrapped around him if he wispered those stuff to me too but he has a boyfriend and i honestly would hate myself if i crossed that line with him. i also wonder what tommorow will bring between these two and if Kevin will still be interested after maybe getting what he really wanted out of Patrick.. Richie on the other hand can be over the top but atleast he’s genuinely passionate for Patrick and up-forward. He does make Patrick see and want to correct all the bad in himself but at the end of the day do you really need a boyfriend who reminds you that you’re kinda of an a*hole all the time?

  7. jake

    I think Kevin is the guy for Patrick. Neither one knows what they want except each other, which is hot. Kevin (Russell Tovey for those that may not know) has this insatiable passion for Patrick (Jonathan Groff again for those that don’t watch as closely). You can tell from day one Kevin wants to get with Patrick, you can see it in his eyes. Kevin isn’t into the guy he’s with. Richie is handsome and sweet, but he’s too hung up with the fact that Patrick is a white guy. Patrick doesn’t care, but Richie has an odd inferiority complex, which makes him a good short term boyfriend, but not a long term. Season 2, Richie goes I bet and Kevin leaves his man and realizes he loves Patrick, but I bet Patrick realizes he wants more from life and moves on from both. Then, eventually, he and Kevin end up together at some point.

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