Stephen Amell Shirtless in Arrow Ep 2×12

YES! It’s been too damn long since we’ve had a good shirtless Oliver workout scene! And with the ever expanding Team Arrow, it would be awesome to have all the hunky guys do a shirtless workout with Felicity watching…

See more pictures in my Stephen Amell gallery.


  1. Gabulldog says:

    Damn. Fine looking man. Would drink his bath water.

  2. Matt says:

    He shaved his pits? This is not acceptable. :(

    • Abefrohman says:

      Agreed. Men have body hair. Is he appealing to a pedo fan base?

    • josh says:

      From Stephen Amell’s facebook “Couple of things… After a stretch of inactivity I’m shirtless in almost every episode for the rest of the season. Next, there was an incident filming where I scratched my arm / armpit on a tree branch. That meant we were going to be applying makeup because this cut didn’t match the shows continuity, so I trimmed my armpit hair on one side. Then I didn’t want to look like the guy with one trimmed armpit. So I did the other one. Then we blasted it with light and now I’m the guy who shaves his armpits and I HATE the guy who shaves his armpits. My SINCEREST apologies. It grew back.”

  3. Petee says:

    WTF? No shaving of the pittage!!! >:(

  4. Sean says:

    Oh noes! he doesn’t have pit hair!…who gives a shit.

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