Hunks of Teen Wolf in Ep 3×04

Here’s some caps of the “Teen Wolf” hunks from the past ep. Danny needs more screentime and a love interest STAT!!! I’m also sad to see my poor puppy Isaac get used and abused yet again, even though it did get my OTP Scott & Isaac to live together. Come on, that scene with him all wet in a t-shirt asking for a favor was straight out of a gay porno! Scisaac > Sterek IMO. (I’m sorry if I sound like a teenage girl; I’m tired. LOL.)

See more pictures in my Daniel Sharman, Keahu Kahuanui, Charlie Carver, and Max Carver galleries.


  1. Trancer1224 says:

    Are those the twins from Desperate Housewives

  2. superherofan says:


  3. br0life says:

    Oh god, I love those twins. This show is getting better and better, Danny and one of the twins are totally hooking up soon. Stiles is hot as always, and Derek is… well, Derek is Derek. Yum.

  4. Trancer1224 says:

    The twins look like they are in a trance.

  5. nino26 says:

    I love the hottie parade, but seriously. They gotta get some Tyler Hoechlin skin in, and SOON

  6. superherofan says:

    Both Tyler’s and Dylan.

  7. bj says:

    They need to air the sex scene between Danny and the gay twin wolf I’m dying to watch it I will end up getting a bulge and I’m going to have to take care of it and I swear I see sometimes some gay qualities of Derek when he’s with stiles

  8. nino26 says:

    I hope the twin Danny hooks up with is the one on the left. Could just be the lighting, but he’s got the slightly hotter body.

  9. PTC says:

    wheres the rest of the teen wolf eps? Example the Dethan scenes.

  10. PTC says:

    PS can u add the Banshee WICKED eps as well?

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