Jonny Lee Miller Shirtless in Elementary Ep 1×14

What an epic night for the Super Bowl (or Beyonce’s mini concert if that’s your preference). “Elementary” got the post game slot, and had a bit more sexiness than the usual ep and thankfully had Jonny Lee Miller tied shirtless in handcuffs. Oh, Holmes. Such a naughty boy!

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  1. LouisFalcony says:

    Ha ha, ha, I saw this right after the SuperBowl and I thought oh wait this is a CBS, is this handsome lucky son of a gun gonna have a threesome, on CBS of all things, I mean this is not you know Cinemax or Starz, but yeah that scene seemed pretty kinky for a CBS show, but yeah he should had have his pants off. And SPHF Speaking of Cinemax and Starz there is this hottie named Anthony Starr on a show called Banshee on Cinemax, you need to cap his nude sex scenes too hot.

  2. CS says:

    I want him cuffed to my bed

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