The Hunks of Glee in Naked Ep 4×12


I’ve lost interest in “Glee” for the obvious reasons, but given how much shirtlessness they had in tonight’s ep, I just had to cap it ASAP. Because even though the writing may have gone downhill IMO, the men are still top notch, right? Although I do wish they had the rest of the guys of the cast shirtless as well… has Chris Colfer like ever had a shirtless scene yet?

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4 thoughts on “The Hunks of Glee in Naked Ep 4×12

  1. i have not watched a single episode from this season. that’s a lot of bare flesh for one episode. are their ratings getting that low? will they ever let darren criss grow his chest hair back?

  2. It was a GREAT epoisode = LOTS going on, LOVE the way the new sharacters are coming together and making sense in the show! But I agree = DARRIN needs to be a real man and let his chest hair show! HES GORGEOUS and deserves to be real! HOT HOT HOT! Come on GLEE – let him grow up a little!

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