Andrew Rannells Pops His Nudity Cherry on Girls Season 2 Premiere

“The New Normal” star Andrew Rannells also stars on HBO’s “Girls”, which premiered tonight (and just won a bunch of Golden Globe awards). Andrew did his first nude/love scene in the premiere, and let me say, his ass is niiiiiiice! I love it when actors pop their nudity cherry! If Lena Dunham writes a nude scene for Donald Glover too (whose also guest starring this season), she will definitely deserve all the awards in my book!

See more pictures in my Andrew Rannells gallery.


  1. Boo says:

    Can’t begin to express how amazing this is.

  2. LouisFalcony says:

    I am glad you posted this SPHF, and like I said on the Mattew McConaughey post you made about The PaperBoy, I said, that I hope more actors who are first timers like, Eddie Cibrian, Mike Vogel, Scott Speedman, Colin EgglesField, James Cavizel, James Van Deer Beek ,Doug Savant and many sexy actors who have never showed there bare ass on screen like the latter named, and many like Daniel Craig or George Clooney who haven’t done nude scenes in years or a hot minute, I was so hoping that Patrick Wilson who always delivers the goods, was gonna get buck naked , was he in this episode? I didn’t watch, well I hope in future episodes, Patrick Wilson will bare the goods like he did in Little Children, like I said its a new year and a new year in terms of male nudity, well by the way SPHF can you cap the sexy shirtless guys over on tonights ABC lineup, Revenge, Ounce Upon A Time, and The B in apartment 23.

  3. superherofan says:

    Patrick Wilson hasn’t started yet on “Girls”, but I do know he has at least one scantily clad scene playing ping pong that I read about. (P.S. There was shirtlessness on “Once Upon a Time? I must have nodded off because that Belle actress was boring me to tears.)

  4. LouisFalcony says:

    @SPHF not sure about the Ounce Upon A Time shirtlessness, but the promo’s I saw for Revenge and one of the dark haired guys sex scenes or making out scenes the shirtlessness looked amazing, so please @SPHF cap it please?

  5. J.A. Fludd says:

    Josh Dallas had a shirtless bed-cuddling scene on Once Upon a Time last week. (Not yesterday, the Sunday before.) And speaking of Once Upon a Time, they have yet to un-shirt the beautifully hairy-chested Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook.

  6. Todd R says:

    I find him more attractive knowing that he has some chest hair going on.

  7. Jason says:

    Isn’t he gay in real life? Confused!

  8. Abric says:

    Yes he is. But then again straight guys play gay, why can’t gay play straight?

  9. JohnJohn says:

    Actually, he’s playing a gay guy that happens to sleep with one of his girl friends.

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