Sebastian Stan Shirtless (and Completely F—ing Ripped) in Picnic

Sebastian Stan has always been hot, but from a preview from his new Broadway play “Picnic”, he is looking just completely absolutely ripped as Hell! God damn is he packing some serious muscle! Here’s a link for tickets if you’re in NYC from 1/13-2/24.

See more pictures in my Sebastian Stan gallery.


  1. matongsai says:

    It seems he’s got some tan.

  2. J.A. Fludd says:

    But why has he shaved his chest?

  3. Ron says:

    And that’s Ben Rappaport (late of the horrible tv-series Outsourced) as the hapless boyfriend. For a laugh, checkout All That Chat forum, where the broadway folks are arguing about Stan’s body being “too fit” and “not accurate for the time period (50s)…Ha! Idiots. Sebastian was awesome on Once Upon a Time (mad hatter) as well…where he stayed fully clothed throughout.

  4. cutler says:

    i LOVE him too but HATE that he shaved his chest!!

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