The Hunks of Fox’s Stars in Danger: The High Dive

Fox had a celebrity diving competition special “Stars in Danger: The High Dive”, which on the male side featured Terrell Owens, Antonio Sabato Jr., David Chokachi, and Stephen “Twitch” Boss. While I appreciated the athleticism of the event, let’s get serious people; I would pretty much watch anything that had these hunks spend two hours in nothing but speedos.

See more pictures in my Antonio Sabato Jr. and David Chokachi galleries.


  1. Trancer2412 says:

    Antonio and David look hot!

  2. they could not have picked a better cast for me………My head is filling with so many fantasies

  3. yagtaluda says:

    David was always my favorite Baywatch guy. He’ll be 45 on January 16th, and I think he’s as hot as he was back in the day. I already planned to do wallpapers of him on my blog this week. Having him pop up on this show, in a speedo no less, well, if that’s not proof there’s a God/Goddess, dunno what is. :)

  4. Todd R says:

    Love men in speedos. Bless David Chokachi and his hairy pits.

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