More Will & Sonny Cuteness from Days of Our Lives


I caught up on “Days of Our Lives”, and while the whole Will Baby Daddy storyline is definitely not my favorite, I do appreciate that they are treating Will and Sonny just like any other couple with nice smoochies and bed scenes.

See more pictures in my Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith galleries.

Here’s a few caps from Freddie Smith’s appearance on “Scandal Crest”, which was a live comedy soap opera:

5 thoughts on “More Will & Sonny Cuteness from Days of Our Lives

  1. I love these scenes and I’m so proud that they’re being done on the show that is my “official” daily soap. But WHY does Freddie Smith insist on wearing a black tank-top in his bedroom scenes with Chandler Massey? He’s the only guy on the show who does that.

  2. I suspect the tank-top is one of two reasons – either b/c there’s still some air of conservatism in which DOOL wants to show them in bed together, but they can’t both be seen as “naked”, one needs to be at least somewhat covered. Or, it could be possible that while Freddie Smith is by no means “fat”, he does have a little pudge on him and in contrast to his more well-defined male co-stars, Smith may feel self-conscious about being shirtless. But I personally can’t confirm either theory as being fact.

  3. I hope it’s not the first one, Nino. That would be a step backwards, like the old Hollywood Production Code of “one foot on the floor” again. We should be over things like that–especially since in their *first* bedroom scene Freddie was shirtless.

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