Tom Pelphrey Naked in Excuse Me for Living

I rented another movie with a bunch of soap stars “Excuse Me for Living” starring Tom Pelphrey, which is a romantic comedy centered in a rehab facility. Tom has some nice skin scenes in the film, so definitely check it out if you are a fan of his.

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  1. LouisFalcony says:

    iN the 16,17th and 18th picture you kinda can he his balls or cock sock, what a shame that his nude scene where his butt shows is so fast and brief he falls to fast on the floor, he has a nice chest and his hair is so sexy, the shower cap is such a tease cause you can barely make out his ass but the cap does not do it justice cause I rented the movie also like you SPHF and you see his ass better , overall cute guy but his nude scenes were teases , can you please post and cap and make a new gallery of Jeff Hephner from Boss please.

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