Nic Robuck Looking Gorgeous in Lifetime Movie Network’s Dark Desire

I caught this Lifetime Movie Network “Dark Desire” starring former “One Live to Live” Ford brother Nic Robuck, and he has bulked up a lot and looking fine as Hell! Nic plays a psycho who kills his college roommate and then beds his roommate’s mother, all the while showing off his amazing rock hard abs in scene after scene! Definitely check it out if you can, since I loved chewing on some beefcake after all the turkey lately!

See more pictures in my Nicolas Robuck gallery.

Here’s a few caps of Brian Borello as well as the roommate. Not sure who the guy in the last cap is, though.


  1. John says:

    I thought by now we would have an underwear photo shoot from David A Gregory.

  2. matongsai says:

    The first one has the best angle and light.

  3. Trancer2412 says:

    Very nice! I miss him and David on TV. The other brother was bleh,

  4. Dave says:

    That was a horrible movie. Nic should have been shirtless in every scene. Would have made it slightly better.

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