Will & Sonny Finally Make Love on Days of Our Lives

OH. MY. GOD. As previously spoiled by TV Guide, Will & Sonny had their very first love scene on “Days of Our Lives”, and it was AMAZING! Long, sensual kisses… both guys shirtless in bed for the afterglow… It’s just amazing that this, little conservative soap is just going balls to the wall with their gay storyline. The “Days of Our Lives” producers deserve all the awards! (I’m so pissed that today of all days Obama had to have a press conference to preempt it on the East coast!)

Now, I’m sure all the conservative mouth breeders are going out in full force as they always do about the gay love scenes, so if you guys could spread the word online, I would very much appreciate it! Days definitely deserves all the kudos and publicity in the world!!!

And as for the soapy development with Gabi, well, Patsy Stone says it best…

See more pictures in my Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith galleries.


  1. Dave says:

    Great caps SHF as aways. Beautiful scene too.

  2. Hello says:

    I wonder how they did it through the butt?? or what?

  3. Ed M says:

    It’s what we never got to see Luke and Noah do.

  4. cutler says:

    hope they were versatile! i hate the thought of one of those fine asses not getting the lovin it deserves!

  5. kc says:

    Great caps, though you didn’t cap the kiss on the pec. These scenes might just convert a few conservatives or two because who doesn’t like seeing two beautiful guys together?

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