Evan Peters Naked in American Horror Story Season 2 Premiere

Seriously, I have no idea what in Hell that plot was about, but as long as Ryan Murphy keeps stripping down the hot male cast, I’m happy. Seriously, who know that Even Peters had such a cute booty!


  1. gu says:

    evan’s bulge oh my

  2. Scot says:

    Yoy crazy boy, YOU knew Even Peters had such a cute booty!
    Don’t you remember that “magic towel fight scene” from last season? That beautiful latex covered ass from that scene was his. Didn’t you post that scene?

  3. superherofan says:


  4. dan says:

    don’t forget the lower half next time! there were some great shots of his calves and feet – there’s an audience who appreciates both halves of the equator!

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