Matt Bomer Ken Doll Striptease from Magic Mike


Ok, I know I overcapped this scene, but seriously, Matt Bomer’s Ken doll striptease is worth the price of the movie alone! God, that ass is a thing of beauty! Almost as gorgeous as his face! Heads or tails, you can’t lose!

P.S. That’s all of the deleted ones off iTunes. Cross your fingers that there’s more on the Blu Ray, like Matt’s Dr. Love striptease!

See more pictures in my Matthew Bomer gallery.

6 thoughts on “Matt Bomer Ken Doll Striptease from Magic Mike

  1. There aren’t any words that I find adequate to describe this man’s beauty. He is the archtype of desirable men everywhere.
    Thanks for posting these. I can’t wait for this DVD to release. October 23rd can’t come soon enough.

  2. Matt’s husband/partner is one of the luckiest blokes on the planet. Oh, if only we could have an HD cam feed from their bedroom (or shower, or bathtub, or jacuzzi, or Viking range top.) Wherever they might get their jollies. ;-)

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