Joe Manganiello & Sam Trammell Naked in True Blood Ep 5×08


The highlight of the ep was DEFINITELY Joe Manganiello’s scorching hot love scene in tonight’s True Blood”! God damn, have I been waiting to see some hot shots of Joe’s naked body this season! There was also a bit of nudity of Sam Trammell, when Luna turned into Sam and had to sneak out of the hospital room in just a gown. Was I the only one who wanted to see Sam make it out with himself? Just me?

See more pictures in my Joe Manganiello and Sam Trammell galleries.

10 thoughts on “Joe Manganiello & Sam Trammell Naked in True Blood Ep 5×08

  1. Oh my god, thanks for posting these so quickly! I watch with a group, so I don’t get the chance to rewind, so I missed out on my chance to revel in the beauty that is naked Joe Manganiello.

    And you totally weren’t alone in wanting some Sam Merlotte double make out time. Everyone I watch with (men and women) literally booed the tv when it didn’t happen.

  2. 2 Things:
    A.) A cock sock – yeah, sucks…we paused hit right on the same screen capture you have and were disappointed. :(
    B.) We were screaming at the TV for Sam to kiss Sam.. LOL… oh well, it was almost a reality!
    Thanks for all your HOT posts!

  3. Joe Manganiello really is perfect. Incredible body, delicious round muscle ass and gorgeous face. I”ll bet he has a nice thick n’ juicy Italian cock to match :P

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