Matthew Morrison Shirtless & Klaine Cuteness on Glee Ep 3×01


“Glee” had its third season premiere tonight. The show took a big blow with the beefcake factor when Chord Overstreet left the show, but it was nice to see a bit of shirtless Mr. Shue last night, who is always hot. I was also very glad to see that the writing was much more on track (at least so far anyway) than the craziness last season.

Most of all, I was glad to see Klaine back onscreen. They are my favorite couple on television bar none. When Blaine turns on his googily, puppy dog eyes on Kurt, I just melt. I think my Klaine shippiness has already overpowered my Nuke shipper heart from back in the day. Scary, huh?

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