Matthew Morrison Shirtless & Klaine Cuteness on Glee Ep 3×01

“Glee” had its third season premiere tonight. The show took a big blow with the beefcake factor when Chord Overstreet left the show, but it was nice to see a bit of shirtless Mr. Shue last night, who is always hot. I was also very glad to see that the writing was much more on track (at least so far anyway) than the craziness last season.

Most of all, I was glad to see Klaine back onscreen. They are my favorite couple on television bar none. When Blaine turns on his googily, puppy dog eyes on Kurt, I just melt. I think my Klaine shippiness has already overpowered my Nuke shipper heart from back in the day. Scary, huh?

See more pictures in my Matthew Morrison and Darren Criss galleries.


  1. Manuel says:

    please Blaine marry me and sing naked a good Midnight Song for me :)

  2. a.j. says:

    darren criss has one fine ass….

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