Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester Naked in Strike Back Premiere

Cinemax premiered a new action adventure series “Strike Back” yesterday (a first for the network), focusing on an elite counter-terrorism team starring Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester. I saw some previews for the series, which was marketed for its fight scenes, gore, and sex that the viewers of Cinemax love.

Now while I enjoy a good fight scene and the occasional gore, the “sex” part I thought would be a parade of boobies onscreen while the camera couldn’t pan away fast enough of the men. Boy was I wrong about that. Both Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester had some serious skin shots in the first two eps, so I was glad to say that Cinemax didn’t forget about the rest of us when trying to get straight male viewers interested in the show.

I definitely recommend checking out “Strike Back”, if only to check out the naked fight sequence with Sullivan Stapleton. They have a new Max Go Web site like they do for HBO where you can watch it OnDemand. Let me know what you guys think!

See more pictures in my Philip Winchester gallery.


  1. DW says:

    WOW. I expected the same thing you did in terms of nudity, so I didn’t watch. Now I will.

  2. Jay says:

    Oh my, just oh my goodness.

  3. Me says:

    Damn! It’s the GIRL we want to see naked !

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