Taylor Kitsch Shirtless in John Carter Trailer


Site’s backup! Yay!

Anyway, I’ve been dying to post these ever since the “John Carter” trailer leaked. Probably my first crush as a gayby was He-Man, so Taylor Kitsch parading around all sword wielding and leather clad pushes all of my buttons.

See more pictures in my Taylor Kitsch gallery.

2 thoughts on “Taylor Kitsch Shirtless in John Carter Trailer

  1. One of the reasons I’m going to try and see this
    and as a sidenote Jason Momoa in the remake”Conan The Barbarian”and the film”The Immortals” they all have in common the Sword And Sandals Genre/Action/Adventure and Leather Clad not seen since Alexander-Troy-300-Meet The Spartans.


  2. THAT is supposed to be John Carter of Mars? Are they NUTS?!

    JC was big and blond and mid-30’s, not a scrawny little 20something guy. Someone like Matt Keeslar would have been perfect for this. So would Chris Hemsworth, if they just HAD to get someone 20ish.

    This guy? NO. Freaking. Way. Is Hollywood just allergic to testosterone anymore? Seems like all they want to do is get some naturally ectomorphic guy to try to buff himself up, and it never, ever looks right. It’s the equivalent of really big fake boobs on a stick-thin actress.

    Ugh. NOT going to go see the movie, and I loved the Barsoom series.

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