Kit Harington & Jason Momoa Shirtless in Game of Thrones Premiere


Just finished watching the “Game of Thrones” premiere, and it was very good. I’ve never read the books before, so I’m still trying to sort out who’s who. But the cinematography was gorgeous, the acting is great, and I gasped at some of the events that happened in the premiere.

Now, in terms of objectifying men in pop culture, the series premiere didn’t really deliver, except for cutie Kit Harington and his crew having a brief shirtless scene and Jason Momoa parading around in his semi clad warrior outfit. But I was annoyed seeing boobie after boobie after boobie and not seeing one glimmer of male nudity. At least, I know Jason Momoa said in Entertainment Weekly said he has more nude scenes than lines of dialogue, so I guess I’ll just have to be patient…

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2 thoughts on “Kit Harington & Jason Momoa Shirtless in Game of Thrones Premiere

  1. I have read the books, and trust me – you would still have a problem figuring out who’s who. Great series (despite the fact that the author has been suffering from a severe case of writer’s block for the last five years), but it’s much like War and Peace, except with a much bigger and more confusing cast of characters :)

  2. I have seen ep2, and it has some gorgeous Momoa nudity, especially at the end of the ep, he’s completely naked. No frontal, though he has a magnificent arse.

    I was quite surprised that they didn’t have Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Lena Headey naked for their scene. Tho I’m sure we’ll have plenty of those scenes. And Alfie Allen is quite the womanizer, he’ll have a couple of nude scenes.

    Too bad for Kit, the Wall is really cold, not much chance to get naked. :(

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