Jake Gyllenhaal Naked in Love and Other Drugs (HD)

Oh, sweet Lord, God in heaven! This movie was made for HD, and I loved capping every single frame of it in high definition! **Fans self**

See more pictures in my Jake Gyllenhaal gallery.


  1. Lover says:

    My jaw just fell through the floor. It’s probably in china by now.
    Thank you so much for these caps!

  2. Sasha says:

    Whoever you are – you’re a saint! Thank you so much for posting!

  3. cutecody says:

    wow Jake is so F**KIN HOOTTTTT… i jerk to his pictures all the time…wishin for the real thing everytime…. :(

  4. TKN says:

    As hairy as he is up front you just know that tight little bumm of his is fuzzy too. Wouldn’t you kill to be the one who gets to wax/shave it?
    I’m sooooo glad to see that Jake is not opposed to doing nudity. Ab-so-loot-lee edible!

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