David Duchovny Naked in Californication Season 4 Premiere


David Duchovny had a nice, nude scene in the premiere of “Californication” tonight, and his body looked totally slamming. With that, Steve Howey, and Justin Chatwin getting naked on the “Shameless” premiere tonight, it was definitely a night filled with hot, naked men. Now if only silver fox Matt Le Blanc would join the party in his birthday suit on “Episodes”, would it be a perfect Sunday night on Showtime!

WARNING: Some caps aren’t worksafe.

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One thought on “David Duchovny Naked in Californication Season 4 Premiere

  1. Duchovny’s okay. But seeing as how the name of the site is Superherofan, shouldn’t you have been watching THE CAPE? Hehehe. Some nice shirtless/wifebeater action there last night.

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