"Vampire Diaries" Steven R. McQueen Shirtless


While Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and even Zach Roerig have all got some shirtless action in the hit CW series “Vampire Diaries”, twenty one year old hottie Steven R. McQueen still has not. I think the whole sad, lost puppy dog thing last ep, along with the longer dark hair, just did something for me, because Steven was looking really good! (The plot twists involving his character were really amazing as well.) Anyway, scrounging online, I found ONE shirtless pics of him via Steve. R McQueen Online. Dayum… just as I thought, and I want more.

6 thoughts on “"Vampire Diaries" Steven R. McQueen Shirtless

  1. Anonymous

    Thank god, I thought I was the only one lusting after him!

    Don't get me wrong, the other guys are awfully hot but there's just something about this former Everwood star that just gets my blood pumping. Who would have known he'd have grown up to be such a little hottie.

    So cute :)

  2. Anonymous

    He's as hot or maybe even hotter than his grandfather was, back in the day. I'm so glad you finally get to see what he was hiding under those T-shirts. I could kiss that chest for days

  3. Anonymous

    i've dreamed of this day but i never thought it would be so satisfying. he's absolutely fit. i mean look at those muscles! and that V line…yummy :P

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