Chris Pratt "Naked" in Parks & Recreation Ep 2×06

Catching up on my caps, and here are some of beefy hunk Chris Pratt in “Parks & Recreation” parading around naked… with a huge dot and blur because either NBC is that afraid of nudity or Chris is just THAT well hung. I’ll prefer to think of the latter.

See more pictures in my Chris Pratt gallery.


  1. Ivonne says:

    That censor is hilarious. I will forver remember him as the hippie Che trying to get with Seth on The O.C.

  2. Brandon B. says:

    They did show Will Forte's ass twice on SNL last year so I'd hope they're not that scared. Loved Chris on Everwood; I just wish they showed off his body more.

  3. monsignorryan says:

    It's great seeing these, thanks. That said, the Chris I remember from Everwood was easily a good 20-30 lbs. lighter.

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