Drake Bell & Josh Peck "Naked" in the XMAS Special


Someone requested this from the Josh & Drake XMAS Special, and they’re 22 according to IMDB, so here are some caps. They’re a little too twinky for my taste, but I do always dig the embarassment nudity, even if you don’t see anything.

9 thoughts on “Drake Bell & Josh Peck "Naked" in the XMAS Special

  1. m_corbin32

    Josh Peck=nothing to look at, but Drake Bell=HOTTIE!!!! and I agree with duck hunter, too bad more of Drake wasn’t shown and the camera wasn’t lowered. :(

  2. Duck hunter

    I dont know! I am still waiting for a naked image of Drake Bell you do know he ISNT naked in College

    Very kinky scene and very erotic

    They strip his characters clothes off and then use duct tape and strap him to a statue naked!

    But on the plus side they do it to one of the bad guys in the movie his ass is pretty good looking too

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